My first exhibitions were 33 years ago, and I’ve tried to represent my time as an artist since then with these images. An unavoidable part of being an artist is searching for what is important  –  you can only work from your own cultural background and towards your own changing society. 

The work you do provides a way of viewing the world, and so one is always learning.

A fascination with tiny objects, with how things work, and with the illusions of awareness have taken me on many journeys, which the work has hopefully documented.

I’ve always loved carving, and my initial successes in the late ‘70s were with a personal variety of jewellery, based on carving on a tiny scale in a way that might be described as environmentalist, using rare woods, ivory and other natural materials as memorial and celebration.

At that time the Crafts Council and Goldsmith’s Hall were very supportive, of the crafts in general and what was emerging asa jewellery art form. 

They have remained so, but it seems that with each recession, art returns in different forms in response to varying needs and possibilities, and  also there are changes in how art, art skills and the applied arts are taught

It all makes for necessary cultural tension and change.

At art school my emphasis was on painting, but alongside that I made small scale scupture using found objects, which eventually led to jewellery.

However, working in such detail requires good eyesight, but that deteriorates and I’m learning to work larger, continuing a broader interest in art. 

The sequence of galleries and images will show you something of my fascinations, delight and concern about our world and the human condition.

They contain only a selection of work, and note that the images in each gallery are not chronological. 

Please feel invited to  contact me  to comment or to acquire the art objects I love to make.

Obviously many of the older ones have gone, but commissions are possible.

There are many possible definitions of art, one being that it’s about giving pleasure. 

Perhaps it would be more realistic to say it’s about selling pleasure……

 David Hensel, February 2016