A selection of Jewellery made in the 2000s.   It continues to evolve.  Some things come about from commissions or an exhibition opportunity, and it’s always the problem solving that keeps it going.

Some of the pieces here are a bit satirical depending on where the ideas come from. It’s a worry sometimes that developing an art form lets you see the world in a particular way.  You learn to stand back to judge the work, and these skills of observation show the world in new ways.  One of the things that fascinates me about art is the way people develop and use it to influence others, and this brings insights into how we read art objects and respond to them, which is vital understanding for making it. 

I’m sad that weaker eyesight and other age related changes mean I can’t make so much on this tiny scale, because I love the way of working so close to me (compared with larger sculpture which is “over there” somewhere). But it’s nice to put this site together and realise that maybe I did make a few things that aren’t too bad.