1970s Jewellery

A selection of Jewellery made in the 1970s.

All are based on the carving of various materials – particularly woods like ebony and boxwood which are hard enough to wear, with inlays of silver, gold, mother of pearl.  There was an expanding range of materials to work with, including amber and ivory (when it was legally available and recycled from other uses).

I liked to make things with complicated combinations of materials, and an aspect of my jewellery making throughout has been to learn how to do it. I didn’t study jewellery as art school but the essence of training in Fine Art was not on specific skills but more on learning on your own. 

I don’t think I had many toys as a child, but my father was a country doctor who was also a pharmacist, so I played with acid, mercury, fire and penknives.  Still doing it!

I’ve no idea where most of these pieces are now.